CV – Civil Engineer

Xxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXX

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx XX, apt. XX
Xxxxxx, Moscow Region Russia XXXXXX
(095) XXX-XXXX

Type of job sought

Engineer / project supervisor / technologist in civil and industrial construction.

Specialization in tunnels, bridges, and metal frame construction. Experience in building under the permafrost conditions.


1980 – 1985    Moscow Institute of Railway Engineering
Specialization: Civil Engineer (Bridges and Tunnels)

Additional training

1980            Driver, heavy trucks (up to 10 tones)

1987            Conversational French

1998 – present     English

Work History

1991 – present    Chief Engineer Xxxxxxx Co., Moscow

The Company is building, repairing and maintaining tunnels and other underground structures of the Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx System. Additional side projects include general civil constructions of a wide range of metal frame structures, such as large residential buildings, warehouses, filling stations, retail space, garages, one-family dwellings etc.

My functions in the capacity of Chief Engineer:


  • Discussion of the needs, plans, projects and problems with the Moscow Subway management (and other clients)
  • Determination of optimum resource allocation
  • Budget calculations
  • Scheduling
  • Determination of manpower and equipment needs
  • Testing, screening and hiring of skilled workers and supervisors
  • Acquisition of equipment
  • Drawing and implementing safety rules and policies
  • Accident follow-up studies
  • Quality control
  • Negotiations with sub-contractors
  • Control and supervision of the sub-contractors’ work

1989-1991 Site Supervisor        Construction Authority No. XXXX

  • Preliminary site survey
  • Laying roads, installing power lines, building housing facilities before the commencement of the main project
  • Hiring of workers
  • Rental of construction equipment
  • Control and supervision to make sure the project is carried out in exact accordance with specifications.

1986-1988 Project Supervisor         Armed Forces

Served in the Railroad Regiment of the Armed Forces. This army unit was responsible for the construction and service of railroads and associated structures: bridges, overpasses, tunnels and power systems, automatic systems to control train movement and so on.

My functions:

  • Site survey, preparing approaches, installing power lines, building temporary dwellings and other preparatory work. General control and supervision of the project and of adherence to plans and specifications.
  • The specifics of the permafrost conditions include taking special measures to avoid ground thawing during the construction stage, use of special materials and constructions techniques resistant to wide fluctuations in temperature –
  • using additives to cement to avoid its freezing
  • use of special surface covers for cement structures keep the moisture out and thus avoid stress due to ice expansion
  • assuring comfortable living conditions for construction workers to permit efficient work under harsh conditions

1985-1986 Crew supervisor MosMetroReconstruktsiya

Civil construction – assembly of reinforced concrete structures

1985        Technician             Kurskaya Railroad Station

Maintenance of the railroad tracks: locating and fixing minor problems, reporting major problems to specialized crews. This job was part of my education as a railroad engineer.

1983-1984 Truck driver        Automobile Fleet No. 14

Delivering food products to Moscow stores using ZIL 130 truck (up to 6 ton capacity) in a timely and safe manner. Was also responsible for the vehicles maintenance.


1988 A medal for the participation in the construction of
the Baikal-Amur Railroad

Hobbies & Interests

Cross-country skiing, hockey, horse-riding, bee-keeping, gardening

References Available on request

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