CV – Programmer

Vladimir Nikolayevich XXXXXXX

# X Xxxxxxxxx XXxxxx, apt. XXX, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (+7- 095) XXX-XXXX

Employment objectives:



09.1975-02.1981 Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology
Master’s degree in Microchip development and production


    • Programming (C, C++, Assembler, Pascal, PAL for Paradox)

    • Thorough knowledge of accounting, financial and other business applications

    • 9 years experience with software product organizations
  • 7 years experience in middleware development



Business Applications Programmer

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Database and business application development: client-server applications based on the SQL server, use of Borland Interbase
  • Network Administration (Novel 4.11 and 5; Microsoft; NT4.0)
  • Analysis of user needs and equipment acquisition
  • Supervision of Service, maintenance and repair of network equipment

04.XXXX-11.XXXX Automated Systems of Scientific Research (Moscow)

04.XXXX-06.XXXX Senior Design and Development Engineer
06.XXXX-11.XXXX Chief Electronics Engineer

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Development of controllers for peripheral devices (hardware and programming using the Assembler language), middleware programming
  • Data input devices for gravitation measurements
  • Driver development

03.1987-03.1991 Special Research & Development Bureau of the Radiotechnics
and Electronics Institute of the USSR Academy of Science

03.1987-01.1988 Chief Engineer
01.1988-03.1991 Senior Design Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Printed circuit board development using the PICAD system

02.1986-03.1987 State Research & Development Institute of the Chlorine Industry
and Experimental Factory Chief Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Computer control and automation of chrome-plating of large containers for aggressive chemicals
  • Collecting statistics, conducting research, and making recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of the plating process

07.1985-01.1986 Moscow State University, Faculty of Geology
Chief Engineer for gravitation measurement research expedition

Duties and Responsibilities:

Measuring Earth gravitation to locate sources of oil without the need for test drilling

09.1981.-04.1985 Xxxxxx Research & Development Institute

09.1981-04.1982     Engineer
04.1982-04.1985 Chief Engineer

Duties and responsibilities:

Development of on-board computers to control radar-based anti-missile systems

07.1979-08.1979 Lenin Glassworks
                      Glass block welder

07.1978-08.1978 Carpet Factory
                     Pattern Maker

12.1974-08.1975 Research Institute of Radio , Modeling Section
                     Modeling board assembly technician

07.1974-12.1974 Moscow Engineering Works, Tunnels Section


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