CV – Scientist, physics



A research or engineering position in particle physics:
equipment design, development, or technological applications.



    • Moscow Physical Engineering Institute (MIFI), Faculty of Nuclear Physics Equipment (Particle Accelerators). Graduated as Engineer-Physicist
  • Moscow Physical Engineering Institute, Graduate Student, Ph.D. (Physics)


  • ACADEMY OF ECONOMICS (Russian Federation Ministry of Economics). Specialisation: Securities and Mutual Funds. Received qualifications of an investment broker; licensed to deal with the State property, or the property of legal entities and private individuals.


19XX–19XX Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering,   Faculty of Nuclear Physics Equipment. Research and development of
nuclear accelerators and their components.

XXXX–XXXX Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering, Teaching Assistant, Laboratory of Electronic Devices.
Teaching all aspects of equipment used in researdch, and its technological applications.


XXXX Designed a controller (AK-2) for feeding information from sensors and other information-gathering devices into a computer. The controller works under the CAMAC (Computer Application to Measurement and Control) standard. Awarded the National Exhibition Bronze Medal for the development of AK-2.

XXXX Developed a device for measuring the parameters of PIRS-1 resonator systems.

XXXX–XXXX Developed an INTEL 8080 -based system for measuring the parameters of PIRS-2 resonator. Frequency range: 1 – 1000MHz.

XXXX Developed an INTEL 8080 -based system for measuring the parameters of PIRS-2A resonator. Frequency range: 1 – 400MHz.

XXXX-XXXX Developed a series of accelerator units for linear technological accelerators of up to 10 million Electron-Volts, including continuous-cycle accelerators.

XXXX–XXXX Upgrade of URAN-1M accelerator. Achieved an improvement in proton capture and an increase in beam current. This accelerator is presently used in the Metallurgy Institute of the Academy of Sciences for testing the resistance of substances to radiation and other destructive influences.

XXXX–XXXX Accelerator unit for the Lineondutron accelerator and mathematical methods of tuning this system developed and tested.

XXXX–XXXX New methods of measuring electromagnetic fields in linear resonance particle accelerators developed; ways of increasing the measurement precision by means of mathematical processing of experimental data developed.

XXXX-XXXX Improvement of accelerator components of linear resonance accelerators, including those for multi-charged ions and continuous cycle accelerators.

Finance & investment work

1996–present    XXX Company Ltd. Moscow

1993–1995         XXXXX Investment Co. Moscow

1995–1996         XXXXXXX Investment and Finance Co. Moscow

Responsibilities: Trading securities, consulting clients, forming investment portfolios, fund management, market analysis, developing investment strategies etc.


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