Grammar exercise for Tuesday

Во вторник предлагаю разобрать следующее:

A few/few/a little/little

1) I have  _____ water left. There’s enough to share.

2) I have ________  good friends. I’m not lonely.

3) He has _______ education. He can’t read or write and he can hardly count..

4) There are  ______ people she really trusts. It’s a bit sad.

5) We’ve got  ________ time at the weekend. Would you like to meet?

6) Julie gave us  ______ apples from her garden. Shall we share them?

7) She has _________ self-confidence. She has a lot of trouble talking to new people.

8) There are  __________ women politicians in the UK. Many people think there should be more.

9) It’s a great pity, but that hospital has __________ medicine. They can’t help many people.

10) I’ve got _________ cakes to give away. Would you like one?

11) There’s _______ milk left in the fridge. It should be enough for our coffee.

12)  ________ children from this school go on to university, unfortunately.

13) Do you need information on English grammar? I have  _________ books on the topic if you would like to borrow them.

14) She’s lucky. She has ________ problems.

15) London has  ________ sunshine in the winter. That’s why so many British people go on holiday to sunny places!

16) There’s  ________ spaghetti left in the cupboard. Shall we eat it tonight?

17) There are ________ programmes on television that I want to watch. I prefer to download a film or read a book.

18) He has ________ free time. He hardly ever even manages to call his mother!

19) Unfortunately, I have  _______ problems at the moment.

20) Are you thirsty? There’s ___________ juice left in this bottle if you’d like it.

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