More past continuous exercises к 2 июня

“Отстающих” прошу особо внимательно ознакомиться заранее..


Put the verbs into the correct form (past progressive):

  1. When I phoned my friends, they (play) monopoly.
  2. Yesterday at six I (prepare) dinner.
  3. The kids (play) in the garden when it suddenly began to rain.
  4. I (practise) the guitar when he came home.
  5. We (not / cycle) all day.
  6. While Aaron (work) in his room, his friends (swim) in the pool.
  7. I tried to tell them the truth but they (listen / not) .
  8. What (you / do) yesterday?
  9. Most of the time we (sit) in the park.



Change the verb into the correct form:
1. The phone (ring) while I (sleep).
2. I (cook) dinner when Sue (arrive).
3. When the dog (bark), they (try) to sleep.
4. While we (dance), the music (stop).
5. Sam (listen) to music, so he (not hear) you.
6. While we (talk), someone (steal) my bag.
7. The prisoner (run) away while the policemen were (joke).
8. My boss (call) me while I (eat).
9. While I (work), my husband (ask) my help.
10. When they (come) in everybody (watch) the movie.
11. You (leave) the office when it (start) to rain.
12. Justin (park) his car, when the engine (stop) working.
13. They (have) a nice time when the baby (start) to cry.
14. The kids (play) when the mothers suddenly (call) them.
15. We (sing), when we (hear) a loud noise.


  1. Weat the breakfast table when the doorbell.
  2. Hea lot of friendly people while hein California.
  3. When theythe museum, the sun.
  4. The studentscards when the teacherin.
  5. While the children, their parentsTV.
  6. Itto rain while shethe flowers in her garden.
  7. When Ithe door, it.
  8. While Henrya drink at the bar, his wifein the sea.
  9. Hea loud bang while heto his friend.
  10. While hea shower, his dogshis steaks.



1) What (do) when I (call) you last night?..
2) I (sit) in a cafe when you (call)…
3) When you (arrive) at the party, who (be) there?..
4) Susie (watch) a film when she (hear)the noise…
5) Yesterday I (go) to the library, next I (have) a swim, later I (meet) Julie for coffee….
6) We (play) tennis when John (hurt)his ankle…
7) What (they/do) at 10pm last night – it was really noisy?.
8) He (take) a shower when the telephone (ring)…
9) He (be) in the shower when the telephone (ring)…
10) When I (walk) into the room, everyone (work)…
11) It (be) a day last September. The sun (shine) and the birds (sing) . I (walk) along the street when I (meet)an old friend……
12) He (live) in Russia when the Revolution (start)…
13) When her train (get) to the station, we (wait) on the platform…
14) He (be) so annoying! He (always leave) his things everywhere…
15) On holiday we (visit) Rome, (see)the Vatican, and (spend) a few days at the beach….
16) Why (stand) on a chair when I (come) into the room?..
17) They (lived) in Germany when they (be) young…
18) At 7pm yesterday, we (listen) to music..
19) When I (leave) the house, it (snow)…
20) He (work) in a bank when he (meet) his wife…

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