Инженер-электрик но последние годы занимается чем-то левым, английский заумно-неудобоворимый, один из сложнейших клиентов. Прошел.

Dear Uncle,

Treating it as a matter of my responsibility,
I will describe below my interview in brief:
– after she (the Council) asked ‘do you speak
English?’, — no common questions as why?,
where?, what for?, etc., have been asked;
– all the interview was dedicated to reading of
my labor book (item by item);
– at least she mentioned army service (troops
and location).
Suddenly she said ‘enough’ (meaning the criteria’s
counting is over).
Then with your ‘it was pleasant’, ‘thank you for your time’
I was watched to the door.
The result: passed, with all formalities, this result to

So, in case some more info you need, please feel free
to contact me.
Really appreciating your help, hoping your business goes well,
yours sincerely,

Хххххх  (an engineer with suspending appearance).
P.S. Once or twice I’ve call her ‘madam’.


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