Русский и английский, параллели

Вот такое написалось в языковом форуме на в ответ на вопрос, как учить русский. В меньшей мере мере относится к русскоязычному, пытающемуся въехать в английский. Переводить самого себя лень, поэтому копипастю.

My best advice is to capitalize on the similarity between Russian and English. Once you learn to free stems from prefixes and suffixes and other secondary accessories you’ll see that 1/3 of Russian words will be present in English in quite a recognizable form. GET INTO THE HABIT OF CONSULTING ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARIES! Lots of English ones but for Russian use Max Vasmer’s. I think it is now fully available online. Let me see… Here:

I would also urge you to disregard grammar. Things like case endings or subtleties of pronunciation eat up lion’s share of brainpower yet don’t get you much ahead as far as understanding or speaking goes. Concentrate on words. Words, not cases or verb conjugations or tenses or whatever evil and sadistic Russian teachers try to inflict on you, is what carries 90% of sense and meaning.

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