Французская разговорная группа

Вот где-то увидет объвление с упоминанием французского: At the ENGLISH DISCUSSION CLUB, Russians who study English can improve their speaking skills. Discussions are held in minigroups and led by native speakers. There is a French group as well. Details are … Continue reading

Le magazine des suicides. Кайфовый мультик.

http://viooz.co/movies/16625-the-suicide-shop-2012.html А песенки! Субтитры английские, маленькие, не мешают смотреть. За такое готов простить французам их шумность и безбашенность… … Continue reading

French club

Замечено в The Moscow Times, Moscow News, или на www.expat.ru: A FRANCOPHONES CLUB for all who want to speak French meets every Saturday. For information about our programs, which are devoted to French culture, music, arts, games and excursions, and … Continue reading